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Our DIY Pest Depot store provides you with all the products you'll need to handle your bug problem. Whether it be for the house or the garden we have what you need to get rid of any unwanted critters.

Termite Bait Stations
These plastic bait stations are inserted into the ground in areas likely to support termite colonies. The wood bait inside the trap is treated to control termites


Spray applicators
Pump sprayers are versatile because you can mix a variety of products in various concentrations appropriate for the application – home pesticides and garden pesticides.

Variable adjustment nozzles allow for stream spray to cover long distance, or fine mist to evenly coat a large area.




Flying insect traps
Bait these traps and flying insects are attracted, fly inside and are trapped.



Crack and crevice foams, gels and sprays
Baits are laid down in strips or patches and adhere to a variety of surfaces, and liquids and dry powder can be sprayed into interior spaces.



Bait traps
Very versatile, these plastic or cardboard traps attract all sorts of insects to the bait inside, which the insect can carry back to the colony.

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